How Our Winners Have Responded!

Thanks to our players adding to their email contact lists we’ve had hardly any problems getting winning notifications to our winners! Over 90% of winners have responded and claimed their prize, for the remaining ones that haven’t be sure to check the winners list and email inbox to see if you’ve won!

Our first-ever winner, Mary, had this to say “Thank you!!! I would prefer the PayPal option sent to my email address, Again, thank you for picking me to be one of the first winners.” At the Winning Key, you can take the value of your prize through PayPal, Check, or Amazon Gift Cards if you prefer and Mary did that!

Mary followed up after she received her winnings saying, “Thanks again. The funds have been received. Just curious---- was I the first winner for TheWinningKey sweepstakes????”

She sure was! Congratulations Mary, you will forever be known as our first winner ever!

Another winner who asked a question was Cathy, when Cathy won she emailed us back saying, “I will take the Amazon gift card. Am I the first person to win the second time? Thank you so much.”

Yeah, she was! She won twice in one month’s time! We even asked her if she had any advice and she said, "Just be persistent. You never know when you will win but you can't win if you don't try."

We agree with her!

We send out winning emails every day and get great responses in return. It always makes us happy to give away daily and weekly prizes. We can’t wait for the reactions for the big ones! Giving away a TV or the $999 value however the winner decides is going to be amazing and we’ll be sure to share it on our blog. Good luck!