Why Aren’t I Winning Sweepstakes?

You’re entering every day but not winning. Why? Sweepstakes odds usually depend on the number of people winning every day, but if you’re entering enough eventually you should have a great chance to win – you just need to set realistic expectations. It’s possible you could be very unlucky, but it could also be possible that you’re making some disastrous mistakes.

Can the sweepstakes get in touch with you? When you register for a sweepstakes you’re going to be asked for either your email address or phone number. This isn’t only to receive reminders, but also to receive winning notifications. One wrong period, letter, or number in your phone or email address can cause you to forfeit your winnings once the sweepstakes can’t get in touch with you. Sweepstakes like ours, try to contact winners once a week, but some winners never respond. It’s not because they don’t want the prize! It’s because they put the wrong information in.

Are you giving yourself the best chance? Sweepstakes have different rules and you have to take advantage of them. If you are only entering for a sweepstakes one time, when they allow ten entries, then you’re not giving yourself a good chance to win. Other players will be entering ten times and have ten times the chance of getting picked over you.

Do you know when the sweepstakes end? If you’re entering for a car or a huge amount of money chances are the sweepstake isn’t awarding a winner in a few hours. Most sweepstakes have daily prizes that do that, which are smaller in size but you have a chance to win every day. Larger prizes typically takes months before drawing a winner so be aware of the end dates.