Sweepstakes Clubs: Are you in one?

The sweepstakes community is one of our favorite communities on the internet. It’s a strong community of players that love to help each other – even if you keep a few sweepstakes secrets for yourself = )

One great aspect of the Sweepstakes community is sweepstakes clubs. There are clubs of players all over the world that discuss rules, prizes, odds of winning, past wins, and new sweepstakes. Clubs are a great way to be introduced to new sweepstakes and introduce others to your favorite sweepstakes.

You can find sweepstakes clubs a number of different ways. Facebook and other social media websites are a great resource. There are sweepstakes Facebook groups where you can hear about other players wins to find legitimate sweepstakes and help others out.

Sweepstakes Clubs with a lot of members are amazing because you might be introduced to local sweepstakes as well! If a random city is offering a new car to a winner who writes in, that’s the best way you’ll find out about it. When you join a group always ask about the rules of the sweepstakes people are posting because they may be international and you may not be eligible due to the rules. You don’t want to waste your time!

Members of sweepstakes clubs often have meetups too. It’s great to meet likeminded people and hear about some of their tips. Some people even bring everyone entry forms so they can enter write in only entries for sweepstakes that require that!

Alternatives to Sweepstakes Clubs are Sweepstakes Newsletters. Sweepstakes Newsletters are great because they are vetted by professionals and give you insight into some of the best sweepstakes on the internet. There’s nothing like finding new sweepstakes!