Sweepstakes Planning

In order to get the most sweepstakes wins possible you should always have multiple sweepstakes websites and time set aside every day or week to enter. Planning your sweepstakes schedule and organizing your entries is an important step towards more prizes. An organized sweepstakes schedule could mean a number of things, let’s take a look at what some of the pros do to win more prizes every month.

Set aside time to enter and have enough websites to fill that time

If you have an hour or two every day to enter that will be great. Let’s say you have one hour to enter every day, in that hour you should have a checklist of all of the sweepstakes you want to enter and as you enter them, check them off. What you will find is that the more you enter the faster you will get after doing it so many times! Having them bookmarked and easy to access will help too. As you complete them faster you will have more time and be able to add more sweepstakes you want to win to your schedule.

Create a Sweepstakes Email

The professionals say you should always have an email address only for sweepstakes, “it keeps everything organized.” Sweepstakes websites send a lot of reminders and you don’t want to clutter your personal email inbox. If you have an email address only for sweepstakes it will be easy to find special offers, reminders, and most importantly your sweepstakes winnings.

Keep track of your time

If you’re entering for ten minutes a day on one sweepstakes and haven’t won in a month, think about replacing it with other sweepstakes. You want to give yourself the best odds at the best sweepstakes. Bigger prizes will be harder to win but can be more rewarding. Daily prizes may be smaller but you will more than likely see more winnings. Track how much time you’re spending on each sweepstakes and see how much you’re winning.