An Important Step

We see it all the time: It’s the worst thing that can possibly happen. It’s when our players play, win, and their winning notification ends up in the spam folder or trash! We’ve been in the sweepstakes business for a while and there are tens of thousands of dollars in unclaimed prizes. Even now on The Winning Key, some of our players have not responded to their winning notifications.

So what can you do to make sure that you get a winning notification? You can add to your contact list. Adding us to your contact list will help ensure that you get winning notifications. Right now we only send you one reminder each day at 1 PM EST, any other emails could be winning notifications from us! Winning Notifications are typically sent out in the morning before 12 PM EST and if the prize remains unclaimed we send one email every week until you respond.

While adding is the best way to ensure delivery notifications, other ways to help ensure that our emails get delivered is by responding to them. When you respond to an email we read them and it’s a great place for feedback! If you use Gmail you should always drag any email that is in the spam or promotions folder into your inbox. Doing this will allow for winning notifications to end up in your inbox rather than spam.

Best of luck and make sure that you help us improve deliverability to you!