The Keys To Winning: 3 Tips

When it comes to winning free prizes, The Winning Key is the perfect place – it’s in our name after all! All you need to win is a phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection and one minute! That’s right it only takes one minute to submit an entry and that entry might just be THE prize ticket. Luckily for you, we allow more than one entry… Here are our top three keys to winning:

Key One: Submit all of your entries

We’re giving you four chances for each prize every day. Have you seen every prize on the homepage? You can submit ten entries for each of them! This will allow you to have more entries in the pool and a greater chance of your ticket being selected. Maximizing your entries is the perfect recipe for success!

Key Two: Play the Daily Prize

Every day someone is taking home a prize and if you follow these tips you have a better chance of it being you. Our $50 Amazon Daily Giveaway offers you a great chance to win some fast cash every day. Coming back every day, submitting your ten entries for the $50 Daily Amazon Prize (or all of the prizes if you have time) is what the players winning month in and month out will be doing. Make playing the daily prize a habit, it’s your best chance!

Key Three: Know the Rules

Yes, free sweepstakes have to follow rules. Luckily the rules are for your benefit as long as you are eligible! For example, you have to be age 18+ and a legal resident of the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, or New Zealand. As long as you’re a resident of one of these countries you’re in good shape! Another great thing is that each prize has a cash value that you can take home. Don’t want a TV? That TV has a $999 cash value! If you win the TV, but don’t need it we’ll send you a payment of $999 by check, PayPal, or Amazon Gift Card. Great tip, right?

Now you have some the keys to winning and look at how simple they are. We’re trying to become the best sweepstakes website on the internet by making it easy to enter and easy to win! Play and tell your friends about The Winning Key!