Prize Redemption: Read this!

The Winning Key is giving out A LOT of prizes and we want to make sure that they get into our winner’s hands. There are only a few things you have to do to help us make sure that your prize gets to you when you win.

First, please make sure your email address is entered correctly. We notify all winners by email and if you register with an email address that has a spelling mistake we won’t be able to let you know if you won! It’s also important that you register with an email address that you check regularly since we send winning emails out every single day.

Another thing you should know is that each prize can be redeemed one of four ways: Prize Delivery, Check, PayPal, or Amazon Gift Card. This is great for you because it gives you options! This way you get the cash or prize you want, how you want it. The Winning Key is focused on being the easiest to use and most helpful sweepstakes website ever!

If you do receive a winning email the next step is easy, just select your prize redemption method and confirm your information. That’s it. Then your prize will be on its way to you, depending on how you wish to receive it.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, all you really need to do is use a valid email address that you maintain – oh yeah – and enter for a chance to a win! You can enter up to ten times each day for each prize. Good Luck!