Is Your Name on the Winner’s List Yet?

When you win, we always try to notify you directly through your registered email address. Through that winning email, you are able to claim your prize. Another way to see if you are a winner is by checking our winner’s list. Our winner’s list provides you with all the prizes we’ve given away – we want to fill 100 pages by next year!

We love to provide you with a winner’s list because it creates a sense of excitement, doesn’t it? Each day coming back and seeing if today is the day you won! Every day at least one name is going to be featured on that list and soon enough we hope it’s yours. When you submit entries towards the $50 Daily Amazon Gift Card Prize you have a chance to be featured on the winner’s list the next day. We allow you to submit for the prize each day and we also allow you to submit ten entries!

If you ever see your name on the winner’s list but didn’t receive an email you should contact us. We send all of our winner’s emails, but occasionally they get caught in the spam folder. One thing you can do to make sure this doesn’t happen is whitelist This way you don’t have to worry about missing an email – oh yeah and make sure your email is correct! We can’t stress this enough that’s why we keep telling you! Once those are done you're in great shape. We’ll see you on the winner’s list soon.