Sweepstakes Mistakes That Could Mean Disaster!

So you’re submitting all of your entries day and night and you have nothing to show for it… You’re beginning to wonder “Why haven’t I won yet?!” You could just be unlucky.. or you could be making one of these mistakes! Ask yourself these questions to be sure you’re not missing out on a potential prize.

Did you move recently?

When a sweepstake website asks you to provide your mailing address they won’t know if you moved! There could be a prize waiting at your last address if you moved recently, can you imagine that? When you play sweepstakes always keep your account information up to date and notify the sweepstakes if you are moving if they don’t let you update your information online.

Did you whitelist the sweepstake?

Whitelisting sweepstakes emails is a great way to ensure that winning notifications aren’t going to the spam folder. Most sweepstakes websites, like us, send you an email when you win. We use to send email notifications you can add us to your contacts to ensure you never miss a winning notification.

Is your email correct?

Even more important than whitelisting is making sure your email address is correct. I make tons of spelling mistakes and it only takes on in your email to not get emails. A quick double check is always necessary just to make sure you’re alright.

Are you eligible?

Sweepstakes have certain requirements by law, which are great for those who are eligible – it restricts the player pool. Try to check out the rules to make sure you can play in your country when entering and you are over 18.

Are you entering enough?

On the Winning Key, we allow you to enter 10 times for each prize, all 7 days of the week! Doing this won’t take long and gives you a great chance to win. If you’re going on a sweepstakes website and only submitting one ticket a month, you’ll need a lot more luck to win than if you play every day.