Increase your luck! Do these really work?

Personally, I believe if you want to have the best chance of winning you should submit all of your entries each day. Showing up has always been half the battle in all scenarios. I ALSO believe that a little luck never hurt anyone. So I’ve searched the internet to find some of the top ways people are increasing there luck. I’m going to be giving a few of them a try, you should too!

The first one I found that people swear by is positive thinking. Positive thoughts bring positive action. Positive thinking can be a kind of karma. Good things happen to good people! If you follow the positive thinking way of life you’ll find yourself happier and just maybe a prize will be coming your way!

This one you’ve definitely heard before, it’s trusting your instincts. Have you ever had a situation where you thought “I shouldn’t or should do this” for no apparent reason? Sometimes our first instinct is out best instinct. If you find your instinct telling you to submit just one more entry, do it!

Sometimes it’s best to just go the old school route: Rabbit’s feet, horseshoes, finding pennies, throwing salt over your shoulder, and four leaf clovers. These are signs of good luck that are as old as time. It’s not always easy to find a four leaf clover, but if you do that has to be a sign. Just being aware of good luck charms and superstitions is a fun way to know when to play if they appear before you.

Everyone usually has a good luck charm of their own too. What’s your good luck charm? I recommend keeping that around you when you enter! Here’s a little extra good luck from everyone at The Winning Key Today: Good Luck!