How Do Sweepstakes Give Away Free Prizes?

Have you ever wondered how The Winning Key is able to give away so many great prizes? Don’t wonder any longer! Here is a quick lesson on how a sweepstake works:

Most importantly, legitimate sweepstakes are always free. At the bottom of a sweepstakes website, you should see the words, “NO PURCHASE NECESSARY” – just like you can find at the bottom of The Winning Key. This is to let you know that you never have to purchase anything to win and it won’t increase your odds of winning. Everybody has the same opportunity! In fact, a sweepstake is breaking the law if they charge you to play, so always be aware!

Onto how you get free prizes… At sweepstakes, like The Winning Key, we’re able to give away prizes through a mutually beneficial relationship with our users. On our website we show players advertisements that they might like and then we give the money we make from advertising away! I’ve once heard it said that sweepstakes are the best companies in the modern era because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain – I have to agree.

We use money from advertising to pay our employees and send out great prizes. So not only do sweepstakes give away cash, but they also create jobs! As long as you are on a legitimate sweepstakes website that has the Privacy, Rules, and Terms available to you, you’ve got nothing to lose! In fact, by playing sweepstakes you not only benefit yourself by winning money, but you help pay employees’ salaries – just by playing! The sweepstakes business is really special for both the company and players and that’s why we love it and hope you do too.