Which Sweepstakes are the Best?

We know time is precious. You only have a certain amount of time in your day playing sweepstakes, so it’s important to use your time on the right ones. Our team made a short list of some of the ways to find out if a sweepstake is really great.

Daily Prizes

Sweepstakes that have a daily prize offer you the chance to win every day, which provides you with a great reason to come back. With daily prizes you have the chance to win every single day and stay motivated and while you’re entering for daily prizes it’s much easier to submit entries for the other larger prizes as well while you are there.

New Sweepstakes

It’s no secret that The Winning Key is a brand new sweepstake – but that’s a good thing! Fewer sweepstakes normally have fewer players and less competition! It’s great to follow sweepstakes newsletters to find the newest sweepstakes so you can get in first.

Payout Options

Getting cash your way is the best way. We love sweepstakes where, for example, you win a car you can receive the value of the car instead. I know a $25,000 check is sometimes more useful than a new car. The Winning Key lets you select Amazon Gift Cards, check, or PayPal options when you win – we wish all sweepstakes would let you do this!

Good Prizes

If you’re not interested in money options and only want the prize it should be a cool one! Who wouldn’t want something like a Samsung QLED TV worth $999.00? Some players don’t like cash as much as they want to see a package at their door and that’s fine! You just need to make sure you have enough room to fit your prizes...