Looking Back at 2019

If you’re a new member here, welcome! We’re pretty new too. The Winning Key started giving out prizes at the end of May in 2019, but in that short time from May – December 2019, The Winning Key has grown exponentially thanks to our loyal members!

When we began we only had three prizes, but now we already have 17 prizes! From a daily $20 cash prize to $1,000 you, the sweepstakers, have so much to look forward to!

In 2019 we managed to give away over $10,000! We’re on track to give away much more than double that in 2020 too! Hundreds of winners received prizes on The Winning Key in 2019, can we get to 1,000 winners in 2020? There’s only one way to find out!

There were three different winners who took home over $999.00 in prizes. Leslie M. and Jefferey M. both managed to win the Samsung TV prize worth $999.00! Each of them opted to receive a check so they got $999.00 in cold hard cash. Another member - Elizabeth R. won an iPhone X worth $899.00 – which was her third time winning! Dozens of people ended up winning multiple times in 2019 which goes to show that sometimes loyalty and determination pays off.

2020 is already off to a hot start! On January 1st we found our first $1,000 winner with more right around the corner. Make sure you keep track of when prizes are ending, because if you’re reading this there could be a large cash prize ending tonight!

Have a great 2020 and we hope you’ll read our Looking Back at 2020 blog next year with a lot more to offer!